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    Using a look up table where data is in another excel file


    I have an excel application to produce invoice and a packing sheet that I have built over the years. It also exports data to an access database from which sales figures can be obtained.

    The excell sheet uses a a lookup function to pick up values like title, price, index numbers etc from a Booklist.xls file. The link key is the product_id. So by inputting the prod_id value pulls up into the invoice line all the other required values.

    What I want to find out now is if I can use the Booklist.xls as a lookup table while it is closed so that in the incoice.xls file, clicking in the product_id cell brings up a table showing product_ids along with product titles from the booklist, and I can scrol down and pick the one I need. Instead of having to remember id product_id or having to open the booklist file to see it.

    Can this be done? How do I do it? If anyone has any ideas or has done something similar to it, I will be grateful for their wisdom and help.



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    As with any file, your Booklist.xls would need to be opened in order for any information to be retrieved from it, or written back to it.

    Do you use UserForms at all or is everything run straight from the worksheet itself?

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    Using a look up table where data is in another excel file

    Thank you Hack.

    Everything is run from the invoice.xls sheet, with the use of macros and VBA code. I am not yet familiar by userforms. Not sure what you mean by those.

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    A userform is a screen (window) that is created with an spreadsheet. It makes things, in many, but not all, cases easier for the user to understand what it going on, and to deal with spreadsheet related stuff.


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    You could use a Database Query. Under the 'Data' menu - Import External Data - New Database Query ...

    You essentually create an SQL query, based on your Booklist.xls file. It imports the data where you want. I would import the data onto it's own sheet, since it's just for lookup. From there you can lookup whatever you need. There is also an External Data Toolbar, which you can turn on. It has buttons for editing the Query, and refreshing the data, etc..

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