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    Display popup message when user login to site in J2EE


    I would like to show a popup message to the users when ever login to my site, only when login( later on it is not required).

    we are using java/j2ee for my application, and authentication provided using the Filters, once login success we are redirecting the request to the requested page(it is not the same always it depends on user access but any access to our application there authentication will be performed). here I want to display a popup message to the user when logon.

    Please suggest me where i can use the popup message to display to the user.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi There,

    I believe you will be using either an HTML or Javascript element to display the popup and definately you would like to delegate the responsibility for the same to the UI layer/components.

    In such a case, my recommendation would be to do the following:

    • Upon successful login in your Filter, set an appropriate message in request scope.
    • Write a small JSP file or a Tag, which is responsible for displaying the required popup containing the message set earlier.
    • Include this JSP or Tag definition in all the possible outcome paths (JSP's)

    Being true to MVC, the security concern is handled by your Filters/Controllers and the message is set in a Model, which is then displayed by the View layer (JSP).

    Let me know if you any constraints in following this approach, if so can think of an alternate approach.


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    Aug 2008
    Thank you for your suggestion, I implemented this and working good.
    Is there any other way to without changing all the JSPs(becoz we may not expect as user which url requesting as per their bookmarks set).

    Thinking about if we can pass this along with the redirect in Java Filter which was using for the authentication.

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