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    Excel Combobox used as a pick list to populate different cells


    I am enhancing an invoice application I am developing and have been toying with the idea of using a combo box to select from a list a particular product and put the value in a cell. It works fine, although I have some other aspects of it which I will try and sort later.

    My immediate problem is that, I need to repeat teh selection process from teh Combobox, for each lien of teh invoice ( some 10 lines) on each occasion droping teh value in a different cell. ie D20, D21, D22, D30. Is there a way of doing that? I am using the linkedcell function of the Combobox property. and it works well for the first time. Is there a way of using a VBA incremental function to increase d20 to d30 step by step?

    Thanks for any help.


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    Move away from the linked cell (which I've never like anyway - it is way too constrictive) and do what you need to do through VBA programming code.

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    Aug 2009


    Thanks Hack.

    Unfortunately, my VBA skill are not up to it. With the linked cell option, I thought I was almost there. But if you say, it can't be done, then I think its time I give up.

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