Compact Framework TCP Client

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Thread: Compact Framework TCP Client

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    Compact Framework TCP Client


    I've written a TCP Client and Server app that runs from a CE.Net device (Client) to my laptop (server). This runs without any problems if I use my wireless access point to provide the network.

    However, If I make a "computer to computer" connection using a wireless card in my laptop and the device, the client can't find the server's IP. I can still ping the laptop from the device.

    This is a cut down version of the client code (just to try and get a connection)

    Dim tcpclnt As New TcpClient
    tcpclnt.Connect("", "8000")



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    TcpClient problem over wireless network

    Hi Paul.
    Did you ever got to the bottom of this?

    I have a similar problem - my CE device connects to my laptop over a USB connection fine, but when I try the same connection over wireless, the TcpClient constructor throws an error.

    The device is definitely connected to the wirelss network, and it can ping my laptop over the WLAN, but the TcpClient constructor method throws an error and the applicaton cannot connect.

    The same code works fine when connected over USB.
    Any help would be really appreciated.

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