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Thread: Limit to the number of consecutive AJAX calls?

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    Limit to the number of consecutive AJAX calls?


    I've written an application in which I have 4 select boxes a, b, c, and d. When I make a selection on c, it has, in its onchange function, logic to automatically populate d, and when I make a selection on b, it has, in its onchange function, logic to automatically populate c and call c's onchange function, and so forth like this up to a.

    So, when I make a selection on a, it automatically populates b, c, and d. The way it populates the boxes is using different AJAX calls.

    When I select an option for a, though, b and c are populated but not d. d's onchange function is called, in which d makes an AJAX call to retrieve its data, but the AJAX call never finishes. The XMLHttpRequest object's ready state never makes it past 1.

    However, if I make a selection on b (a's direct subordinate), everything works fine and d is populated correctly.

    Any ideas on why this might happen this way? Is there some limit to the number of uses of an XMLHttpRequest object in a certain period of time?

    Any suggestions would be helpful.


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