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    VC++ - In need of books on Advanced Debugging Techniques

    Hi All,
    I primarily work on Microsoft Technologies using VC++. Could someone suggest me useful books covering
    1) "advanced debugging techniques" and
    2) performance engineering: WinDbg/SOS, CLR Profiler, Visual Studio Profiler?

    Any suggestion / help is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    N. Murali Mohan

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    Dec 2003
    I do not know of any books on the subject, but the profiler in visual is pretty simple -- you run it and it tells you how much time various functions took, how many hits a function has etc. You cannot inline a function if you want to see its report though, so have to be careful with that. They took the profiler out of the cheaper versions and in frustration I wrote my own. At best I think you may find a chapter on the profiler in a book or 2 but its not going to have a whole book on the tool most likely.

    I have never had a book on pure debugging either, but they must be out there. Most of my books focus on trying to develop bug free code rather than how to fix it... which is a nice idea that does not really work in practice.

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    Sterling Heights, Michigan

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