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Thread: How to update old Windows files ....

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    Apr 2004

    Question How to update old Windows files ....

    VB6Pro/XP/Hobby Programmer. My computer is several years old now and the VB SP6 update (which I have) is dated at 2004. I noticed when recently installing an app on a friend's computer that her Windows said on several occasions that my App was trying to install files that were older than those her computer currently possessed.

    Is there somewhere I can download the newest versions of Windows system files that might be used by VB6 Installs (that perhaps have been updated since SP6). I'm guessing there is, but I looked all around Microsoft's site and couldn't figure out the right search criteria.

    Any help appreciated ...


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    Dec 2003
    Since the Package & Deployment Wizard is outdated there are system files that you need to remove before building the package. The following should help:

    You receive multiple "System files are out of date" error messages when you install a Visual Basic 6.0 application
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    Just curious -- I always update my OS (XP Pro) and was wondering if there are similar issues with Visual Studio Installer (which I use to create a .msi file used for installation). Since I frequently update the OS, I may have situations where some of the system files may be newer than that on the target machine

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    Paul, thanks for reply. I got the impression from the provided link that we should NOT try to put newer files on the target machine, and that in fact older files are preferred. That seems counter-intuitive, but that's what it said, yes?

    Just want to confirm, I can remove any system files from the P&D wizard, EXCEPT for those listed in the link .... or did they mean go ahead and remove only those listed? I was a little confused by the author's jumping around on the subject, and I'm a little apprehensive about removing anything from the P&D wizard.

    And finally, I was speaking specifically of my Package trying to install files that are TOO OLD for the target machine, not too new (as I think I may have conveyed). Can I assume then, that old files are not really a concern since the target machine will keep their newer versions anyway?


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