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Thread: SQL Command in crystal reports is not moving to new data source

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    Unhappy SQL Command in crystal reports is not moving to new data source

    I am using crystal report 10. I have created a report that uses both DB view and SQL command.
    I have created the report in oracle datasource say DB1. This report work fine when I run it in DB1. But when I try to change the data source from say DB1 to DB2, DB view moves to new data source but SQL command does not move to new dta source DB2. While changing datasource for SQL command, it gives me error that some tables are missing in new location. I can store command in crystal reporsitory but that is not feasible in my case because I have multiple crystal servers with multiple reporsitory. Also while accessing the report from front end using java application, command fields get removed from the report. Is any one know that how SQL command in crystal reports can move from one data source to another data source?
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