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Thread: Ajax won't work on web host

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    Mar 2006

    Ajax won't work on web host


    I have uploaded my website to an Irish web host but my AJAX toolkit won't work. I asked the hosting provider if AJAX works on the web host and if it is on the server and it is.

    My website is working fine except for the Ajax tools. They won't error, they are just blank. Or in the example of an UpdatePanel the page refreshes.

    The ajaxtoolkit I am using is 3.5, I have my dll's added to my bin folder. I added the ajax toolkit to an existing website so maybe there is a problem there. When I play the website from Visual Studio it plays fine and the ajax works.

    I am so lost, I need to get this working as soon as I can!

    Thanks for any help,

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    Sterling Heights, Michigan
    Have you tried a different web host?

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    Mar 2006
    No I haven't but this one is fully paid for and my client wants to work with this web host. They do have great technical support also, and they explained that ajax can work with their server.

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    Pretoria, South Africa
    have you tried testing the xml file returned from the server?
    can also check the database strings (server, port, username, password, etc) and that there are no server side errors in that xml file. if its not that, its your client side script - that should have the url's retrieved via post and get entered correctly. post should send form headers too as well as values.
    *shrugs* just my 2c worth, hope u come right

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