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    Add related record using a gridview

    OK, I am new to ASP.NET and had been using ASP Classic but for the life of me I cannot find an efficient way to add a new record (using gridview) to a list 'related' records (meaning each one must also contain the foreign key). I've been at this day after day (a task I used to do using classic in about 12 minutes).

    I have my gridview of related records. I tried several different workarounds for just adding any record since gridview doesn't really support inserts.

    Decided to just hook up a details view and use it's insert function.

    tracked down how to grab the foreign key from querystring and put into its field.

    tracked down how to refresh the gridview to reveal the new record.

    forgot I had to re-send the the foreign key (through a querystring since it was first called from a legacy script).

    It seems crazy to me that such a fundamental task (adding a new related record to list of related records) is like re-inventing the wheel here for some reason.

    Has anyone seen the elegant solution?

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