We're facing a strange and new problem.
Our use case is as follows:
we issue a SELECT statement on a table having a column of CLOB
type and we use the result set to populate a CachedResultSet
object of Sun's implementation.

We run a database of version on linux, till yesterday
we used some older driver (probably the one for 8.1.6 with the
same database) and everything was fine. After having upgraded to
the latest available thin driver (, we started to suffer
from a Java Exception generated by the ResultSetMetaData
implementation of the JDBC Driver.

Here's the stack trace:
java.lang.NumberFormatException: 4294967295
at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(Integer.java:417)
at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(Integer.java:454)
at sun.jdbc.rowset.CachedRowSet.initMetaData
at sun.jdbc.rowset.CachedRowSet.populate

Our idea is that the getPrecision method returns the maximum
length of for CLOB datatype that exceeds the maximum int value
in Java (Integer.MAX_VALUE is 2147483647).

If you shared any idea on what we could do to solve this with
minimum changes to the code, I'd highly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,