Selecting the latest per group of items

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Thread: Selecting the latest per group of items

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    Selecting the latest per group of items

    hi there! i just joined this site and it seems to be very informative.
    onto my question.

    i have 2 tables products and cost

    ProdCOde - PK

    Effectivedate - PK

    i tried this query:

    SELECT a.ProdCOde AS id, MAX(EffectiveDate) AS edate, RetailCOst AS retail FROM cost a INNER JOIN product b USING (ProdCode)
    WHERE EffectiveDate <= '2009-10-01'
    GROUP BY a.ProdCode;

    uhm yah its showing the right effectivedate but the cost on that specific effectivedate doesnt match.

    so i want to select the latest date with the matching cost per item.

    for example the date i selected is '2009-12-25' and the records for 1 item are these:
    ProdCode EffectiveDate Cost
    10000 2009-01-05 50
    10000 2009-05-25 48
    10000 2010-07-01 40

    so in result i should get 10000 2009-05-25 48 because it is lesser than the date on my query and it is the latest for that item. and then i want to to show on my query the latest costs on each product.

    hope to hear from you soon! thanks!

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    Welcome to DevX

    What database are you using?

    I ask because I'm not familiar with this keyword: USING
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    oh by the way im using MySQL

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