I'm facing a tricky problem and i don't know how to fix it ...
I have installed PSQL 9.50 on my pc ... Under the Database called "DEMOData", i can create stored procedures without any problem ...

We already installed PSQL 10.0 on our customer server.

So, now I create a new Database on my machine. And i copied all .ddf and .mkd files on my local machine in order to have the recent and latest version of customer Database.

Till now evrything works fine. I can open tables, change data structure, do a select querry ...

But, my only problem is i can't create a very simple stored procedure like this one:


Select * from colors;

End ;

It returns the following error message:

Save Failed:com.pervasive.psql.utilities.core.DBException:[LNA][Pervasive][ODBC Engine Interface][Data Record Manager] No such table or object.

Can anybody tell me how to fix this problem ?

Thank you for your help ...