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    Feb 2010

    hide duplicate rows in asp.net

    I have a column structure in gridview

    account dept1 dept2 dept3

    1 1

    1 1

    1 1

    2 12

    3 1

    3 12

    These rows are different records from database.

    I want to have

    account dept1 dept2 dept3

    1 1 1 1

    2 12

    3 1 12

    Is there a way to hide rows and display data correctly.

    Right now I have data in a dataset in c#.

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    Sterling Heights, Michigan
    And are you building your dataset through an SQL query to your backend database?

    If so, then that is where the filtering would be going on and the gridview would be used just for display purposes.

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    Feb 2010
    yes I use gridview to display the result.. but its an aspxgridview. but as far as i can make dataset schemna proper it will display well. I thought of cloning the database and adding new columns and displaying result, but have not been successful

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    This will solve the prblem:

    Public Shared Sub RemoveDuplicateItems(ByVal ddl As DropDownList)

    Dim i As Integer = 0
    While i < ddl.Items.Count
    ddl.SelectedIndex = i
    Dim str As String = ddl.SelectedItem.ToString()
    Dim counter As Integer = i + 1
    While counter < ddl.Items.Count
    ddl.SelectedIndex = counter
    Dim compareStr As String = ddl.SelectedItem.ToString()
    If str = compareStr Then
    counter = counter - 1
    End If
    System.Math.Max(System.Threading.Interlocked.Increment(counter), counter - 1)
    End While
    System.Math.Max(System.Threading.Interlocked.Increment(i), i - 1)
    End While
    End Sub

    Call function as:


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    Feb 2010
    I am not working on dropdownlist. So I am not sure how will it solve my issue

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