Hello frnds,
I am suffering with a problem. Please help me.

The problem is when i am displaying a list of items or say component in to view then the list got weird or we can say jumbled(one item above another) comes for a short moment(less than 1 sec). i tried to solve this but not able to solve.

I am using net.infonode.docking.View class to display view and using Jpanel. The list of items that need to display on panel is computed in separate thread. after computation i call method to request focus.

I tried the following solution.

Solution 1

1. Create the view.
2. Compute the list of item to display.
3. Request focus for view.

Solution 2
1. Create the panel.
2. Compute the item to display.
3. Create View.
4. Set panel in View as component.
5. Request focus for view.

Both solution is not working. the list of item is still weird for a moment. could you please help me

So i want to put some delay to display a view so that computation gets completed earlier and list is not weird.