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    RWCString to char


    Can someone please tell me whether there is a way to cast RWCString to char* ?

    I have :-

    RWCString name = "...";
    char nnnnnnn[100] = "";

    and I want to copy the contents of name to nnnnnnn.

    I know I can do :-

    char m_nnnnnnn[1000] = "";
    strcpy(m_nnnnnnn, name);

    but, I was hoping to do something nicer than that.

    Any ideas please ?

    Many thanks.

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    an array of char requires moving the items into it using the limited ways that arrays support:

    a loop
    one by one copy: a[0] = b[0], a[1] = b[1], ... etc
    a copy (strcpy, memcpy, etc)
    or the like, all of which are crude.

    If you want something better, you need an object, even if its just a wrapper around a char array to give it an assignment operator.

    The cleanest way then is maybe

    char* cp;
    string str;
    str = your_RWCString;
    cp = & str[0];
    ... use cp as if it were a C-string if that is needed for some reason, such as a byte-array packet for network transmission?

    Or, if you do not actually need the char array at all, just use the string?

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    IF you really have to use a char array, there's no escape from calling a function that will copy the buffer from name. Look at the std::copy algorithm or plain old strncpy().
    Danny Kalev

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    Just use
    RWCString rws = "Copy me";
    // 1000 should be big enough, but of course you can also dynamically allocate and delete later
    char buffer[1000] = {0};
    But you might not need to copy to a buffer at all. It depends on what you want to do with it.
    if you only need a const char* (for example as the input of an API call) then you shouldn't even
    bother copying, but just use the data() method of RWCString.
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