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    Question MSChart Question - Y-Axis Scale

    I am using mschart in my application and would like advice on how to specify how the chart computes the scale for the "Y" axis. I like the way the tool automatically computes the "Y" axis scale except when I plot very large numbers, the scale defaults to scientific notation. For example, the scale for large numbers such as 50,000,000 is represented as 5e+007. Is there a way to get the tool to display the real numbers instead of scientific notation for the Y scale?

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    I discovered how to eliminate the scientific notation. The following code seems to work...

    for i=1 to MSChart1.Plot.Axis(VtChAxisIdY).Labels.Count
    MSChart1.Plot.Axis(VtChAxisIdY).Labels.Item(i).Format = "##0.00"
    Next i

    However, my next question is much more challenging. How do I assign data to the Y2 Axis. For example, if I create an array with 3 columns, the first is the x-axis labels, the next column is Value1 series and the last column is Value2 series, I want Value1 series plotted against the Y-axiz and Value2 series plotted against the Y2-axis. Currently, both the Value1 and Value2 series are plotted against the Y-axis. Can't figure out how this is done. Can't find anything on the net that describes how to assign values to the Y2-axis. MSChart offers both a Y and Y2 axis which implies that different values can be plotted against each axis, but no explanation how.

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