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    Apr 2010

    Exclamation JMF installation problem in linux

    Dear friend,

    I have checked the JMF installation in windows using diagnostic code.
    It was displaying the success for both JRE and JMF.
    I can play multiple stream successfully.

    But I have checked the JMF installation in linux, which is my testing machine( here only I faced that multiple stream playing problem. I have asked this question under , "resource unavailability error" thread) It says the JMF error message that , "All Java Build.. Native Libraries Not Found".

    Can any one help me, to solve this problem ?


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    May 2004
    Just from some reading I've done.

    JMF seems to come in two varieties, one uses native libraries to enhance performance, the other does not (or maybe both varieties are in the same distribution, I'm not sure).

    The JMF Diag tool tests for the native libraries no matter what type of installation you have. Thus it will report the missing libraries even if you don't need them.

    I believe the "All Java Build part of your message is telling you that the JMF install is the all Java (no native) installation.

    Does sound play on Linux as it does in Windows? If so, it looks like you could ignore this message. If not, you may need a different JMF install.

    Please keep in mind that everything I've written here is from searching for "JMF All Java Build.. Native Libraries Not Found"" on Google, not from experience. Thus, I could be completely wrong , but that's how it looked to me.

    Anyone else?

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    Apr 2010
    Thanks for your replay friend,
    Please read my earlier post, which is under the "resource unavailability error" .

    I unable to play 10 stream at a time in my linux machine.
    Then I have copied that same jar and tried to play in windows xp. It was played successfully.

    There I have installed jdk1.6 newly. but here I am having JDK 1.5
    But I hope it is not a matter of this failure.

    Then I have checked the JMF installation. There It says success message. But in linux it says regarding the "native library not found" message.

    I tried to install the JMF again. Installation was success. But it says same error message in linux.


    That windows machine is individual system.
    But my linux machine connected in fat client.

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