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    Exclamation Jsp variables cannot be resolved

    I hav created a page "one.jsp" where I took a String as an input in a text box

    <form name="form" method="post" onsubmit="return checkform()" action="two.jsp">
    <input type="text" name="firstname" title="Enter the first name">

    and I have received the value of the field in "two.jsp"....
    <% String fname=request.getParameter("firstname");%>

    and when i put it in a table and print it...
    <td width="367" ><%=fname %></td>

    it works fine....

    but now when I try to use the same String variable...in a table in
    another jsp page, eg, "three.jsp" using -

    <td width="367" ><%=fname %></td>

    it says.."fname cannot be resolved"

    even, if I use in "three.jsp"...

    <% String fname=request.getParameter("firstname");%>
    <td width="367" ><%=fname %></td>

    It doesn't work!!...but I need to use the same String variable in both "two.jsp" and "three.jsp" !!

    Plzz suggest me wats wrong with my code....and how to mend it using least modifications...!!

    Thanking you guys in advance...!!

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    You should use javabeans

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