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Thread: How do I count # of files in directory (partial name)

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    Sep 2004

    How do I count # of files in directory (partial name)

    Question: I have folders named:
    AV-215 The Best Is Yet To Come
    AV-300 For The One Time You Do It
    AV-215 Kinda Liked You Before
    AV-310 This Is The Place And The Time
    I need a way to input, for example "AV-215" and have my VB6 program tell me how many files in ALL folders with the first characters "AV-215", total.

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    I believe the Dir Function... Dir("AV-215*.*, vbDirectory) see help file example for exact syntax of testing for a directory. Then once you have a list of dirs, go back and get list of files or count or whatever...

    Good Luck

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    Can't do that.
    Need to be able to do this in one pass.

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    Why? Once the program works and is compiled, no one will know what goes on underneath the hood except you.

    If you could see the actual source code for half the commerical software available today you would laugh yourself silly.

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