i am now writing a program that need to print some chinese character.
i am using win9X.
my report is a sales memo report , it is a dynamic report since the data
will change when the user choose / delete some fields in the report formatter.
i dont use the report form since it is not suitable for me. i first select
my formatter table (memo field) and , according to the memo field to get
the data from the current information. next , i put all the information into
a text file ("temp.txt"), finally , use the command "type temp.txt to lpt1".
this works fine, but just in english character. if it is a chinese , the
report cannot see.
i am now have a idea that , i will read my "temp.txt" in each byte , since
chinese character is two bytes each unit, when i read the first byte , i
will go to the chinese character database to get the value (i think it is
not a ascii now , it may be a picture) and put it to the printer directly.
i dont know is this work. but the difficult i face now is i dont know how
to get the chinese character database. Does someone know or if you have ,
can you give a copy to me or you can suggest some ideas to me.

Thanks a lot