Well, I went on a cognitive sabbatical, and all **** broke loose.

I last compiled my program in November of 2009, then I moved on to other endeavors.

I have returned to make some code enhancements and my source code will not compile anymore. I have narrowed the problem down to a recent download of the latest flash10h.ocx. None of my programs that include FLASH (even the simple demo programs) now compile.

I went online to look for a fix, and the only one I found advised me to rename the flash*.ocx to flash.ocx and re-run regsvr32.

No dice.

If I remove the flash element, no problem saving and creating an executable. Add it (FLASH elements) back in, and when I try to save the file, I get the following error...

"System Error &H80004005 Unspecified Error"

Is there a new trick to this?

Windows XP Professional Version 5.1.2600 SP3 Build 2600
VB6 (SP4) Version 8862
SWF created in FLASH 8 (and earlier)
Latest Flash OCX (flash10h.ocx)