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    Need help with web design

    I have a friend who runs a small blogger based website and has a couple of advertisers. He had an HTML marquee code that allowed him to have a scrolling ad where it would scroll through all of the ads in order. Basically, he is wanting to make the order of the advertisers random, so that each time you go to the site, a different order for the advertisers would be presented, so that one advertiser isn't always at the end of the scrolling list. I told him we could do something like what is done on most websites, where each time you refresh the page, a different ad appears, but he wanted all of the ads to be on the page at one time. Even if its not a scrolling ad, maybe some kind of thing where one ad fades out, the other fades in, in a random order. Any help would be much appreciated.

    This is the HTML code for what he is currently doing:

    <marquee direction="down" onmouseover="this.stop()" width="200" scrollamount="4" onmouseout="this.start()" height="350" align="center">



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    I would advise your friend to take a look at google adwords (adwords.google.com) to manage your banners.

    Its free, and you just insert a small piece of javascript. Everything else then is served from google.

    You can do things like put ads up randomly, weighted, or based on what is going to make the most money.
    Hope this helps

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