Hello All,

I browse this forum often for a lot of help and it does just that, helps a lot. In any case, I have been looking for an answer to this for awhile and cannot find it.

To begin, let me state what I am trying to do. I have a complex database system for POS. It relies on a number of DLLs to interact with windows and one of them is to print receipts. Recently, we have had to add some boxes to interact with the receipts printed. These boxes only read in XML. The company designing the boxes were nice enough to give us the XML Data Structure it reads:
                             mvAtPht="XXXX" />
That is just a small snippet of the XML Structure given. The problem is that I have never seen that type of structure before and I am lost with it. I have tried a bunch of things in the DLL (cls and vbp taken apart) and none work.

What I am asking bascially is where do I start? I have a couple ideas in VB6 code:

strXML(0) = "<reqMEV>"
strXML(1) = "<trans noRef=" & Chr(34) &

Yadda Yadda. I load that as an XML and make reference to MSXML v3.0 and nothing works.

I hope I am making some sense here as I am banging my head against a wall.

Any help is greatly appreciated and if anyone wants a donation for their assistance I am willing.