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Thread: Repeating Form

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    Repeating Form

    I am just now learning how to do on-line forms. I have done numerous document automation with proprietary software but now want to just prepare forms for use online that can either email me the answers or (ideally) be used to create automated documents.

    As I am gathering basic information about forms using HTML, I am wondering how to do a repeating form. For instance, if I want someone to enter information about their children, I want them to answer the same questions over and over for however many kids that they have.

    How is that done? (I apologize if this is a basic question)

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    All you need is a single form for this.

    Each time the form is filled out for one child, have them hit the submit button, which saves the information back to your data source (probably a database) and then clears then form thus presenting them with a "new" blank form for the next child.

    Have a "Done" button next to the submit button. "Done" would clicked when information on all children have been entered, and it is time to move on to the next step.

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