Hi all;

I am using the CLI load interface to insert data into my DB2 table. My source data is already presorted and this order is necessary to be preserved. But i am seeing that LOAD api is inserting the data in random order.

All the options of LOAD have been set to default/zero. On a hunch i changed the iCpuParallelism option from zero( Db2 chooses the optimal thread count) to one(use only 1 thread). On doing this it makes LOAd API to load data in the order given in the source data. What could be going wrong here? If possible i would like to keep the iCpuParallelism option at 0. Do I need to initialize some other option so that LOAD API can load data in the correct order even with multiple threads?

An extra info: my DB2 table has an identity column with Generated always option. i am not supplying any values for the column instead i want DB2 to generate them for me.

I have another doubt. DB2 online help says that setting the file type modifier to NULL gives it default specification? What exactly is enabled and disabled in default specification?