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    Feb 2008

    C program for Ceaser Cipher method

    can anyone send me C program for Caesar Cipher model?

    Thanks a lot in advance

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    Dec 2003
    read the policy on homework and such.

    This one is ultra simple, however, so I will get you started. The Caesar Cipher just shifts the same amount each time. Like, A becomes B, B becomes C, etc. if you shifted by 1 each time. Meanwhile the modulus operator, %, you should understand what this operator does, it will help.

    so all you really need is to iterate over each character and shift it with a modulo.

    For example:
    shift = 3;
    for(x = 0; x < all_the_characters; x++)
    astring[x] = (astring[x]+shift) % 256; ///this one just wraps the ascii table. You can also use % to wrap within the printable characters if you prefer it.

    Note that this is very, very poor encryption: a 10 year old can break the code in about 30 seconds. Consider something at least moderately difficult to solve, such as xor each byte with a random number from a known random number sequence.
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    Feb 2008

    How to include space in Ceaser Cipher

    Now I made Ceaser Cipher program for input DEVX
    but my program do not run if input is DEVX FORUM, how to include space in ceaser cipher

    Thanks a lot in advance for ur replies

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