I work on an application that takes customer orders via either an interface the customers install on their pc or they can use our browser interface which is identical.

We also offer an api so that customer can use their own front-ends to send us orders.

Our prices are better than most of our competitors but some competitors offer specialty platforms that attract customers.

Iíd like for the customers to be able to use these other platforms and send their orders to us. (Itís better for them too!)

The typical solution is to build an interface which translates the actions from the competitorís platforms and translates it to our API.

The problem is that it would be a lot of work to build one for all of our competitorís platforms, in addition, weíd have to maintain all of them because the competitorís make changes from time to time.

I am not a programmer, I am a the product manager, I have an idea and I want to run it past some API programmer to see if it is realistic.

It is possible to build a program that the customer can use to build his own translator? It would work like this:

Customer starts the new app, it features a Ďlistenerí.

Customer sends some orders through using the competitors platform.

Listener records them.

Customer reviews the recorded orders in the new app, and assigns them to actions for our API.

Going forward, when the customer uses the competitorís platform and has the new app enabled, orders are intercepted and send to our API according to how he assigned them.

Does something like this already exist? IF so what is it called?

If not, is it possible or would it be a bigger deal to create than building all the individual translators?