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    Question after SSMA combo boxes do not populate

    I did SSMA (SQL Server Migration Assistant 2008) for my Access 2000 backend, to go to SQL Server 2008 Express. Now in my Access 2000 frontend, I can get VBA to talk to the database, and get data back from selects and can even insert/update. I am still using DAO 3.6 by the way. If you want, please tell me how bad that is especially for performance.
    But my real problem is my combo boxes and list boxes are blank. They are generally Row Source/Type: Table Query, and then a simple query, like SELECT [stateid], [state] from [tblstates] order by [state]. How can I get these to work?
    Thanks in advance for your replies.

    I found out I needed to unlink tables then Get External Data and link to the SQL Server tables, then edit the name and take out the "dbo_", then everything went fine with my combo boxes.
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