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    Application development using WIA in c#

    I want to develop an application that can take an image from a scanner (Microtek). when a "Scan" button is clicked then the application will capture the image from the scanner. How can I start this using WIA(Windows Image Acquisition)? Do I need to install any SDK? Where should I download the SDK? Could anybody please provide me sample codes written in c#.net?

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    I found this...does it help?


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    About a year ago, I tried to do similar but wasn't happy with the results.

    With the help of the link above you will likely be able to get it to scan but not without first dealing with a native Windows WIA popup every time which didn't seem to ever save the settings. So it will generally be a little more faffy than clicking a single scan button.

    Also note that some scanner drivers don't even provide a WIA driver, in which case it could be very hard to use the code from the link that Hack suggested.

    I found another solution but it may not be useful to your situation. Since I was using C# (mono) on FreeBSD, I could basically launch a SANE script which did the scanning. This will not work on Windows though.
    However, your scanner *might* provide a command-line tool that you can call from your C# application.
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