sending SMS in j2me

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Thread: sending SMS in j2me

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    sending SMS in j2me

    public boolean sendSms(String number, String message){
            boolean result = true;
            try {
              //sets address to send message
              String addr = "sms://"+number;
              // opens connection
              MessageConnection conn = (MessageConnection);
              // prepares text message
              TextMessage msg = (TextMessage)conn.newMessage(MessageConnection.TEXT_MESSAGE);
              //set text
              // send message
            } catch (SecurityException se) {
                // probably the user has not allowed to send sms
                // you may want to handle this differently
                result = false;
            } catch (Exception e) {
                result = false;
            return result;
    Hi guys,
    this is what I use in my application to send SMS. It does work but it odes not always return TRUE. Where do you think might me the error?
    Thank you.

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    Can you pinpoint any consistencies when False is returned?
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