we have an application in Power Builder 7.0 and back end SQL Server 2000, Recently we have facing some problem.

1.When the user retrive some information from database then the system is going in the hang mode,It is taking too much time to retrive this information that is happend few of the user.

2.senario is we have two database one is db1 and second is db2 we want the working with database db1 and whatever information save in db1 same mirror image want to save in db2, both databases db1 and db2 are same.

how can implement it?

my excersice is when working with db1 at the click event (button name save) first save the information into db1 then call the function open connection for db2 and set the settransobject with all the data window and return back
to save click event and started save the information.

Result : db1 save the information correctly and open connection with db2 ok but save the information in db1 instead of db2.

Please give the soultion of my problem.