I've been a developer now for 10 years or so. I work for an agency and do .net, classic asp, Action Script 2 & 3, PHP, JS, html and css. These days I would consider myself to be mainly a PHP dev as most projects I work on are PHP based (some using zend, drupal, silex, symphony 2 or wordpress). I consider myself to be pretty good at my job, I'm the team leader where I work and have never had too much trouble picking up new languages. There is always stuff to learn and I don't tend to rest on my laurels as often there is a better way to do something that you discover by working in different ways.

My problem is that I absolutely hate it. I cannot stand coding anymore, I have no interest in it. I do not look forward to going to work and I never research anything at home any more or code at home. When I first started in the industry I was the opposite: I loved it, I would spend evenings at home coding and working out new ways to do things. Now I feel I've had a decent night if I don't touch a computer. I don't even like the internet anymore and feel my life would be better if I used it far less.

I'm pretty burned out and my doctor has put me on anti-depressants, I want to leave my job and do something else, but have had trouble finding what other avenues are open to me. It's tricky as I have dependents and very little saved capital behind me so I can't just go to a no responsibility, lower income job as I wouldn't be able to support my dependents.

Has anyone any advice on career paths to look into instead of coding? I'm really struggling and feel I need to get out. Has anyone here left coding and found another career?