Hi all - yes I know the heading is probably gibberish, my last stab at FoxPro was way way back 2.6 in fact - much has happened since then including onset of grey hair and diminished cerable functioning, not to mention Foxpro evolving beyond recognition !
Anyway I am lurching from piece to piece attempting to create a Darts League DB - there will be lots of requests for help from me I suspect till I get back up to speed so please be nice
I have a table 'Members' name, dob etc etc also includes 'members.teamname' in a form, lets call it 'teamdetail.scx' I want to be able to 'user' input a team name from a drop down list sourced from the 'members' table I then want in a 'grid' or similar to display all the players in that team ..... thats it! not rocket science I know.

MEMBERS (ID,Fname,Sname,Teamname,Bar,Phone,email,notes)
All input from Registration form