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Thread: Questions on .Net

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    Question Questions on .Net

    I'm a hobby VB6 programmer who would like to transition to .Net. Three questions that may sound silly.

    1) Will my new .Net apps run on older Vista and XP machines?

    2) If I develop on a new machine, say Win8, does that in any way affect the backwards compatibility of my .Net Apps with Vista/XP.

    3) Is there any reason why I can't program in .Net on my current XP machine?

    Thanks very much!


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    1. Yes.
    2. No.
    3. No.

    I suggest you stick with .NET 2.0 to make sure your app works fine on older platforms. .NET 2.0 will typically be found on most operating systems just because of the sheer number of applications that use it. .NET 4.5 on the other will not be found on older OS and you will therefore need to make sure that you install .NET before your app is installed.


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    And if you are planning on "converting" your VB6 apps to .NET, don' will have a far easier time just rewriting them from scratch.
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