What's up guys? I need some suggestions here. I am writing a program that
will run in the background. An user will insert data through a user interface
window. When data is inserted in my table, the program is going to be trigger
and process that data. My problem is what will happen if user enter more
data while the program is running. I don't want another process to run.
If 50 users enter data one after another, then i will have 50 process running
and that will kill the machine.

Does anybody have any suggestion on how i can implement a program that runs
in the background and wait for user data without firing multiple process
everytime data is enter. how can i make the program handle the data that
was enter while the program is processing other data? remember, i don't
want to trigger a process for every user that enter data. Also, it is possible
that two users enter data almost at the same time. how can i handle this?
any suggestions. thanks