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Thread: oracle trigger

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    Chris Savage Guest

    oracle trigger

    I need to write a procedure which will be called by triggers placed on
    hundreds of different tables to carry out logging of changes. The process
    involved is identical for all tables so a common procedure working with
    passed parameters would seem the most maintainable. The problem I have is
    that the table name and field name are recorded on the log.

    Is the table name available to the trigger placed on a table? I know I could
    "hard-code" the table name in the trigger but I would rather pick it up.

    Is the field name available - I know OLD and NEW values for the field data
    are available but I need the field name too.

    I'm new to PL/SQL coding so if the answer is obvious then please don't

    Chris Savage

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    bhargav Guest

    Re: oracle trigger


    the maintenance of triggers is looked after by the databse. there is a
    table USER_TRIGGERS in which all the user defined triggers will be there.
    while defining the trigger, you specify the values of trigger, like when
    do let it fired and on which table it to be fired and is it table level trigger
    or row level trigger. in that table all these values will be there.
    this table we can access. this will not be visible. but we can access. these
    type of tables are calles META DATA.

    hope you find the solution


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