Hello folks,

Here's the problem:

I have a temporary table (basketuploads) with jobid, filename, userid. I
have a main table (jobs) with jobid, userid, reportname, jobstatus.

I need to update the main table by setting jobs.reportname = basketuploads.filename,
jobs.jobstatus = '6' where jobs.jobid = basketuploads.jobid and jobs.userid
= basketuploads.userid
I then delete all records for that userid.

The problem is that I need to loop thru the table. How do I do this with
a cursor?

I have the following stored proc:


CREATE PROCEDURE AdminBasketClearDetails
@SessionID VarChar(50)


set nocount on

declare @userid varchar(50)
declare @labID Int

set @userid = (select locationemail from userlog where sessionid = substring(@SessionID,1,40))

update Jobs
set JobStatus = 6

where JobID
in (
select JobID
from BasketUploads

Delete From BasketUploads
Where UserId = @UserID


I'd appreciate it greatly if you could help with this one.