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    PHP: encoding/decoding

    I have been working on an encoding/decoding project for my site. I want to offer my users the choice between base64 and hex encoding/decoding. In PHP, both base64 encode/decode work fine and bin2hex works fine as well. But, when I try to use hex2bin in PHP, I get an internal server error. I've check my error and it says PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function hex2bin().

    I recently did a PHP to JavaScript conversion of both base64 and hex encoding/decoding. I have the Javascript for the hex below. I tried to convert it back to PHP but I'm at a loss on the 10th line with charCodeAt and toString. I was wondering if anybody might be able to take this code and do a Javascript to PHP conversion for me. What I mean to say is that I need a way to do bin2hex() and hex2bin() in PHP without having to actually use these two functions.

    var Hex = {
        // PHP to JavaScript bin2hex
        encode : function(input) {
            // Replace tab characters with spaces and end-of-line markers with '~EOL'
            input = _str_replace([new RegExp("\t","g"), new RegExp("\n","g")], ["        ", "~EOL"], input);
            var r = '';
            var i = 0;
            var h;
            while(i < input.length) {
                h = input.charCodeAt(i++).toString(16);
                while(h.length < 2) {
                    h = h;
                r += h;
            return r;
        // PHP to JavaScript hex2bin
        decode : function(input) {
            var r = '';
            for(var i = 0; i < input.length; i += 2) {
                r += unescape('%'+input.substr(i, 2));
            // Change back end-of-line markers
            r = _str_replace(new RegExp("~EOL", "g"), "\n", r);
            return r;
        is_hex:function(str) {
            var check;
            if(str.length%2 != 0) { return false; }
            for(var i = 0; i < str.length; i++) {
                check = str[i].charCodeAt();
                //          0             9               a              f               A             F
                if((check < 48 || check > 57) && (check < 97 || check > 102) && (check < 65 || check > 70)) {
                    return false;
            return true;
    If it looks like it can't be done, does anybody know of any other encoding/decoding functions in PHP that I can use instead of the hex functions.

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    Feb 2010
    I think I got a pretty good substitue here, it's not an exact conversion but it works fine for me.

    I found it after combing the long reaches of the internet and I'm glad I did. Here is the link: http://fiddyp.co.uk/code-to-reverse-a-bin2hex-function/. I'll also post the code here as well.
    PHP Code:
    function hex2bin($data) {
    //function URL: http://fiddyp.co.uk/code-to-reverse-a-bin2hex-function/
        //function author: Andy Bailey
    $len strlen($data);
    $i=0;$i<$len;$i+=2) {
    $newdata .= pack("C",hexdec(substr($data,$i,2)));

    I've tested the code many times and it works just fine every time.

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