Thanks a lot for the reply. I had no clue where to search and this was of
great help.

This is exactly what I did:
First, I am not working on a clean install of NT so that may cause lots of
problems, unfortunately I have no control over that.

I installed SQL7's SP3 on my machine to be in synch with the server I wanted
to work off of. Then, after I did that, i was able to get to the
design view of my DTSs.

But after I rebooted, I wasn't able to get to Enterprise Manager anymore.
As a matter of fact, I get the infamous "Snap-in failed to initialize"
error message. And... I can't get into Query Analyzer, I get "The procedure
entry point SQLGUIGetOS could not be located in the dynamic link library
SQLGUI.dll". Then I tried to reapply SP6a (nothing changed) and MDAC 2.5
(nothing changed).

This machine I am working on has had potentially lost of things
installed/de-installed/ re-installed and I think it will not be possible
to get it re-staged now. However I may be able to get somebody to de-install
and reinstall SQL 7.0. Is there anybody who has ideas before I have to get
to the reinstall process? Please?

Thanks in advance,

"Euan Garden" <> wrote:
>The packages were created with a version of SQL Server later than the one
>you were using, ie either a service pack or a later build.
>You can either save packages with passwords which will work across all
>versions or upgrade all machines to the same service pack.
>"Isabelle A. Melnick" <> wrote in message
>> Hi,
>> I believe I posted this in the wrong discussion group this morning,
>> enterprise.sql, sorry for the redundancy.
>> We're on NT, using 7.0. Not sure of any service pack(s).
>> I was wondering if anybody has seen this before. I can't find info on

>> on Microsoft's knowledge base and/or MSDN online, etc. Or I am not looking
>> at the right place?!
>> When I view the list of DTS packages on the server, I have no trouble.
>> If I pick one DTS package and try to right click and select "Design

>> I get a weird error. Actually, everybody on my network
>> gets this error unless they go on the server itself:
>> "Error Source: Microsoft Data Transformation Services (DTS) package
>> Error Description: The parameter is incorrect"
>> I'm not a DBA but I suspect the problem may not be where we think it is,
>> at least maybe not in the DB. The DBA made sure I had appropriate

>> in SQL, and even that didn't work. I need to get some work done on that

>> and don't want to freeze myself to death in the server room. Anyone seen
>> this before?
>> Anyone has an idea on where I should start looking?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Isabelle A. M.