I have quite a bit of experience using Access, and the limitations on Access
caused me to upgrade to SQL Server. My advice -- forget Access. I cannot
imagine a reason to use Access for any project with more than 1 user, and
even with 1 user if there is lots of data being processed. Access is good
for your checkbook or something like that, but you should completely forget
about it otherwise. Write a VB front end for the DB, and do not allow Access
users to link to your tables. Writing an app with forms and complex queries
is just as easy using SQL Server as it is in Access. A Database App is a
Database App for any good DB. The App doesn't vary much from one DB back
end to the other, and a really well written App could work off several DB
back ends with little or no modification. By the phrase "any good DB", I
do not include Access. I mean SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, etc.

Some of the people responding to your question refer to the "Access skill
set". Forget that. The form engine in Access is no easier to use than the
form engine in VB.

MSDE is just a cut-down version of SQL Server. Use it if you do not have
lots of concurrent users, and if the DB size is small enough.

These attitudes were formed by the experience of moving projects created
in Excel to Access. The performance improved, but when we went to SQL Server,
using stored procedures, we got more than an order of magnitude improvement.
Writing, maintaining, and modifying the Apps is easier. Control of user
access to the data is easier. Etc. I learned the hard way. Access sucks
for anything but 1 person & 1 connection processing.

- Ray Clough