Combo Box Problem

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Thread: Combo Box Problem

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    Combo Box Problem

    I am having problems with a script that I put into Excel 2007 for a combo box that hides and unhides ranges based upon the selection of the combo box. Works 7 out 10 times. When it doesn't work, it put Excel into some kind of loop that requires that I shut it down and restart. The "VBA reset" button doesn't do anything. Once I restart, the script works again. What am I doing wrong?

    Private Sub ComboBox1_Change() 
        Worksheets("Plan Sheet").Range("c7").Select 
        Selection.EntireColumn.Hidden = True 
        Selection.EntireColumn.Hidden = False 
        Worksheets("Plan Sheet").Range("c7").Activate 
    End Sub

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    Walk me through this....

    1. You open the spreadsheet
    2. You select something from the combobox
    3. The code runs successfullly
    4. ????? - what do you do next?
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