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    Access Database questions

    Hello everyone!

    I am in no way a programmer, though I can understand when told to do certains things and I know a few (very few) things about programming.

    I request help concerning a demand from my employer I have. Here's the situation:

    We are a car dealership which employs about 10-12 employees that use the same shared Excel spreadsheet. We log all of our notes on an Excel spreadsheet (aka, we receive a price quote from the internet, we will log in the spreadsheet when we received it, name of the customer, who sent the quote as well as the notes of the rep who ended up calling the customer.)

    The problem is that the spreadsheet constantly gets un-shared or just plain deletes itself, so we end up losing follow-up notes that are important, especially to the Director.

    I would like to know if there's a way to created a shared Access DB that will auto-update let's say every minute, whether there are changes or not. This way, the employees could keep the file open at all times, whether they need it or not. It would prevent the file from getting un-shared and being closed the wrong way and thus deleted from the server.

    I seek thy help, great web panel! hehe

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    What do you bring Excel into this?

    Why don't you create a screen/form that writes these notes/quotes directly back to your database?

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    Dec 2012
    I was mentionning Excel because it is our current way of doing it. I want to replace our current Excel Spreadsheet with a shared Access DB that update itself lets say every 1 or 2 minutes, this way, everyone has the updated notes at the same time.

    I know how to create a form/query with Access (in a very basic way that is), I mostly need help on how to make it sharable (I haven't seen this option anywhere, unlike MS Excel) and how, where and what code I'd need to add in the DB for it the be refreshed in a timed interval.

    Thanks again!

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    To make a access database file shareable you need to copy it to the network and have access loaded on each machine then put a shortcut to the database file on each desk top.

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