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    Number of Controls supported in Visual Studio Basic 2012

    Trying o convert my VB6 app to VB 2012, I was wondering if VB 2012 will support more than 256 controls on a form as some of my VB6 forms exceed this amount and I use control arrays to work around this limitation. However, I don't belive VB 2012 supports control arrays. I can't seem to verify whether VB 2012 can handle more than 256 controls on a form. Does anyone know the maximum number of controls supported by VB 2012?


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    There is no number limit like that is in VB6. The limits are:

    1. The available memory in the computer.
    2. Available screen size.

    Both of these are very important considerations if your target audience has a wide variety of diffferent screen resolutions and/or different memory configurations.

    3. Another limitation is how "busy" or complicated you want the Form to look.

    .Net supports a collections type that comes in many varieties. The simplest is a List. You can create lists of any sort of object. These lists of controls are the cloest there is to the equivalent of a control array in VB6.
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    Thanks for information. My current VB6 application consists of 5 forms, each one using the the tab control with 7 to 10 tabs, so although I use a lot of control on some forms my forms are spread across a number of tabs so the forms are not too busy. It is nice to know that the limits imposed in VB6 are not in VB 2012.

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