I have a Contacts database that has a field that is a file reference to the records photo. When I try to print a report with the Photos on it, it starts out ok but then starts dropping photos(show as blank) and eventually gets an out of memory error.
-Running Access 2010 32 bit on 64 bit windows 7. Have 16 GB's of Ram...

I have done this type of project before without any problems, but there were some major differences. First I was running Access 2002(XP) on windows XP machines and the tables linked to an Oracle database. Also the Photos were stored in a field in the table, not as a file reference.

Still I don't under stand how it could run out of memory.
For now I have the user scalling all of their photos down to the size of the Image control, but some are getting a bit grainy/blurry.

I have no clue how else to fix this???