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    Question Access Report Runs out of memory

    I have a Contacts database that has a field that is a file reference to the records photo. When I try to print a report with the Photos on it, it starts out ok but then starts dropping photos(show as blank) and eventually gets an out of memory error.
    -Running Access 2010 32 bit on 64 bit windows 7. Have 16 GB's of Ram...

    I have done this type of project before without any problems, but there were some major differences. First I was running Access 2002(XP) on windows XP machines and the tables linked to an Oracle database. Also the Photos were stored in a field in the table, not as a file reference.

    Still I don't under stand how it could run out of memory.
    For now I have the user scalling all of their photos down to the size of the Image control, but some are getting a bit grainy/blurry.

    I have no clue how else to fix this???

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    Oct 2008
    i will give you a clue:
    long time ago, i was working with windows 95, which was 32-bits architecture.
    i was trying to run some disk operating system programs on windows 95.
    they ran out of memory because those disk operating system programs ran in 16-bits memory model different from windows 95.
    they were using a memory model that didn't use the full ram capacity of those computers.
    i changed the memory model and architecture from 16-bits to 32-bits, and after that i really had console-driven programs that were truly windows 95 applications instead of disk operating system programs.

    in a few words, check the memory model and number of bits architecture of your application compared to your operating system.
    you could use performance monitor or task manager as a clue of the amount of ram that your access application uses, and maybe from there guess the memory model and architecture of your application.
    if your access application uses a different memory model and/or number of bits architecture from your operating system, you should know what to do.
    for example, you could check the version of access of your application, and maybe change your application to the last version of access in the market.
    that could solve your problem if you are not in the last version of access.
    besides and as far as i know, microsoft office programs run in the 32-bits mode.
    you can check this by locating the program files folder where your access installation resides in your disk.
    if you find in your program files folder a string like "x86" then you are not running a 64-bits memory model access application.

    i hope this information gives you some clues,

    tonci korsano

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    Oct 2008
    same guy with something else:

    if you cannot run access in a 64-bits memory model that can use full ram capacity of your computer, maybe you will need to move your access source code to maybe vb.net (like dotnet winforms), so that your application runs under a 64-bits architecture memory model.
    that is only a suggestion.

    best regards,

    tonci korsano

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    Aug 2004
    Orange, California
    This Access App is not for me. It is for one of my customers. They wanted it in Access.
    Also I don't think they would pay to have me re-write it in vb.net.

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    Aug 2004
    Orange, California
    I think this is not really the problem anyway. I was able to run similar Access apps on older machines, with less memory, older versions of access, and it ran just fine.
    It seems to me that Access is now trying to cash too mush of the report into ram at one time, and with larger more detailed images it quickly runs out of memory.
    When it gets low in memory it should simply allow more pages to be sent to the pronter before it loads more new pages into memory.
    This seems like a settings error, or it's a bug in Access?

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    Oct 2008

    this is a whole issue by itself

    since your app is 32-bits it is constrained to a memory model of max 2GB regardles of any other more ram your computer has.
    there are different answers to this problem over the internet as far as i could read.
    i dont know whether you can increase the amount of ram your access app can use because there are different answers to this problem.
    for example, please look for this search on google

    increase ram used by a 32-bit application

    and also the next search

    increase ram used by a microsoft access application

    some people say you can and others you cannot.
    they mean your very same case, in which you have a 32-bits app running on a 64-bits operating system.

    good luck,

    tonci korsano

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