I have an Order Line table that links to an Assets table
Each line can have many assetts,
I need to display a list of those assetts with each order line
So when I creat an order line query, I don't want multipule entries for each line, which is what you get if you join lines to assetts. I need a single column/field that is a list of the assetts abbrivation codes.
Order Line 1 has 3 assetts so the order line should display as:
LineID   Description   Assets
1231     Organizer     AS1, AS24, AS37 

NOT like this: 
LineID   Description   Assets
1231     Organizer     AS1
1231     Organizer     AS24 
1231     Organizer     AS37
So is there a way using a stored procedure of function to do this, that is create the list?