I am using Devx V2010 Vol 2 for Winforms and have a GridControl with a number of groups, each group having a header. When I try to print the grid none of the group headers appear on the printout.

The code is:
                    GridView gridView = gridControl.MainView as GridView;

                    if (gridView != null)
                        gridView.OptionsPrint.PrintPreview = true;
                        gridView.OptionsPrint.UsePrintStyles = true;

                        gridView.RowCellStyle += printGridView_RowCellStyle;
gridView.AppearancePrint.HeaderPanel.TextOptions.HAlignment = HorzAlignment.Near;

I have tried changing several properties within OptionsPrint but can't make the group headings print out.

Could anyone let me know what I am doing wrong please?