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    Program application for Symbol MC 1000

    Hello friends,

    Symbol MC 1000 comes with Windows CE5.0 & supports


    Application development Embedded Visual C++ 4.0; Visual Studio .NET 2003; SDK available through Symbol Developer Zone Web site MCL Rapid Application Development kit; Free MCL Client

    I need to develop an application for the machine where user enters data, and finally on clicking, it gets connected to the Printer and prints a report. Add/Edit data is also required.

    I would like to know what resources should I use to develop such a program.Development in which language is a better option for this program. Any tutorial or examples for the same will be a additional great help. I look forward for learning more about my problem at the earliest, as am in a hurry to start working.

    Please let me know at Removed By Mod

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    I have edited your post and removed your email address.

    You should never post your email address in an open post on an open forum. Mail spam bots can pick that up and before you know it, your mailbox is full of junk mail. If you wish to share your email address with other forum members, please do so via our PM system.

    In addition, we prefer all answers to questions be publically posted rather than sent via EMail or PM. That way, everyone with a similar problem can benefit.


    Also, please do not create duplicate threads for the same question in different forum sections.

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    I'm developing for the MC9090. Is there a chance the MC1000 has a Windows Mobile 5.0 version? If so, you can develop in .NET Compact Framework 2.0.

    Otherwise, based upon what you've posted, I'll assume you can develop in .NET Compact Framework 1.0.

    From my little experience, I'm not a huge fan of the MCL RAD stuff. But in your case, it might help.

    The SMDK (Symobl Mobility Development Kit) is a nice little piece of work. It has many examples of code and all the .dlls required to interact with the barcode scanner, imaging device (if it has one), WLAN if you use wireless, Audio, etc.

    Good luck, trupti.

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    You can download documentation on this page : http://www.troiscafes.fr/symbol-motorola-mc1000/

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    hmmm. This thread is Five YEARS old....

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