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Thread: Remote PC Audit

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    Feb 2011

    Remote PC Audit


    I am writing audit software for my company in vb.net. I am wondering is there any easy way to pull in details from a computer, such as serial, model, processor, memory and software if possible. Just wondering if anyone has completed this before and has any tips or hints!

    Thanks in advance


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    system.management namespace

    hi there,

    i have accomplished getting results from these queries back in 2003 and 2004. in windows 2000, wmi windows service was turned on by default. since windows 2003 and xp this windows service is turned off by default. however, if you are running a program with "runas" with domain administrator account, you can turn on and off this windows service in a whole domain, except for machines running for example windows 95, 98 and me, and other operating systems.

    here --> http://www.google.com/#hl=en&sugexp=...dcf4234247bfc3

    you can find code examples about system.management namespace, which contains classes to run the queries you need. nowdays, you can also run these queries with a language called powershell, so you are not only bound to vb.net and c#.

    you should also know about a language called wql, which is sql-like and used for queries, like the ones you described, against computers with wmi windows service turned on.

    here --> http://www.google.com/#hl=en&sugexp=...dcf4234247bfc3

    there is information about wql.

    if there is sms software in your network, my guess is that you can use sms api from vb.net to get your queries.

    moreover, you could also use ldap queries against your active directory database and write this program in vb.net, but i like more wql because sql-like languages are easier for me than ldap expressions.

    good luck,


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    Feb 2011
    Thanks a million tkorsano, i will have a good look though your suggestions asap

    Thanks again


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    Oct 2008
    hi monty187,

    you are welcome!

    best wishes in your future projects


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